[fcs.up.nic.in] Fcs Challan Uttar Pradesh: Download receipt

The FCS Department Release fcs challan for the ration shop owners who run the FCS Control. The Receipt which is issued by the government has all the details of the amount of ration distributed in that particular month. The government release these receipts on the official website of https://scm.up.gov.in.The fcs Challans are issued at the end of every month. The FCS challans issue three copies of the challan.

Ration Card Challan is issued at the end of every month by the Food and Logistics Department for the ration shopkeepers run under the control of the Food and Logistics Department (FCS). The challan or receipt issued by the government contains full details of the quantity of ration to be distributed in the next month. The government releases these receipts on the official website of https://scm.up.gov.in. FCS Challan is issued at the end of every month in triplicate.

FCS challan Copy uses

The Government Releases 3 Copies of fcs Challan which are used for:-

  • Challan is used for the bank payment
  • Challan for Warehouse in-charge
  • Challan is Kept by the Shop owner (as Proof) for reference Purpose

How to Download fcs Challan

Step 1: Visit the official website of fcs Challan i.e https://fcs.up.gov.in/

Fcs Challan
Fcs Challan

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the Fair Price Shop E-Challan Print

Step 3: New page will be open, Now choose your state.

Download fcs Challan
Download fcs Challan

Step 4: Select your Area and Entity Development Block

Step 5: Now enter your Ration Shop Code

Step 6: Select the month for which you want fcs Challan and year

Step 7: Now select allotment type

Step 8: At last FCS  Challan Will be displayed on the Screen, Click on Download to Download Challan

How to print Receipt for sugar, Channa, Atirikt

The FCS challan can download for the Chini, Channa, Atirikt by following the instructions below:-

Step 1: Visit the official website of fcs Challan i.e https://fcs.up.gov.in/

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the Fair Price Shop E-Challan Print

Step 3: Now a new runner will be open, Now choose your District.

 Step 4: Select your Area and Entity Development Block

 Step 5: Now enter your Portion Shop Code

 Step 6: Select the month for which you want fcs Challan and the time

Step 7: Now select the type of allotment – fresh

 Step 8: Now fcs Challan Will be displayed on the Screen, Click on Download to Download Challan.

fcs.up.nic challan

To enter your District, Area, Development Block, Financial Year, Grain Wattp Month, Grain Wattp Type, No of Shop Code. You should know the shop code number correctly only then you can download the e-challan correctly.

FCS challan Download

अतिरिक्तClick Here
चीनीClick Here
चनाClick Here
Official websiteClick Here
FCS Challan websiteClick Here

up fcs challan download | ration e challan

fcs challan is given in 3 copies, in which the first copy i.e. copy is given to fill in the bank. The second copy is given to the owner of the godown. And the last copy is kept by the ration shop trader himself. The meaning of fcs challan is a copy showing the proof of how many rations was given to the owner of the ration shop.

How to download fcs.up.nic.in challan. FCS Up Nich In Challan Download

We will explain step by step how to download the challan of all the villages of up ration challan, so that you can do fcs up nic in challan in the right way.

Step 1: First of all you have to go to the official website of fcs.up.nic challan download. We have given its link below, you can click on it.

Step 2: After clicking on the link, the homepage will open in front of you.

Step 3: After the homepage is opened, click on the option of “Fair Price Shop E-Challan Print” given below.

Step 4: After clicking on the option of “Fair Price Shop E-Challan Print”, these forms/options will open in front of you, after that you will have to select your district, region, development block, financial year, grain wattp month, grain wattp type. Enter the number of the shop code and click on the option. Now the name of your ration dealer will appear in front of you, you will have to click on download, if you have got the ration dealer in the month you have chosen, then you will get all the information.

Why is FCS Challan essential?

 This is the challan handled by the department of Business police and the system which has been followed up times. It has an effective business operating system which has to show the thick business from the challan system to the people. The Uttar Pradesh government has made the inaugurations by checking many of the statuses in online through thee-challan inaugurations.

Uttar Pradesh has done a gateway on getting towards the challan cash by checking on the status of the Uttar Pradesh Status. The department released an FCS control statement on the quality of some distributed from the particular issues. The clones of the challan could bring the many ways to reuse on bringing the department on the portion shop details.

How does e challan function?

E-challan is an investment for disregarding business rules. It assists residents with paying challans on the web. Residers who disregard the guidelines can be gotten effectively with the backing of CCTV film. Also from that point onward, the vehicle owner suffers the challan got online. The machine provides the process for paying the forfeiture that’s collected on the service from handling the machine.

The excluded exercises of the system bring complete progress on the cash deals in violating the issue.  The payment is fully entered from the cash entered on thee-challan. To ensure the sale on online or the offline process it might bring the service to induce the challan on holding the challan from the business miscalculations. The service provides the challan has the process on easy-going o collecting them for future. The metropolises have enabled the record to make the footage to bring the individual way to violating the details on informing about the offense getting to the people.

 How to pay challan online?

The challan paying process online has got the business caught from the nearest police station or you can also pay it online. If a person violates any business rules will make the impending of clearing the rules to them. Then are many ways to follow to pay online

  • Visit the sanctioned website of the transport department through a web cybersurfer with a stable internet connection.
  • You can use a computer, mobile, IOS, or laptop with an internet connection.
  • On the homepage of the website, you’ll find a section called business violation payment ore-challan payment
  • Also, start the payment process by getting it on opting the option from clicking on the type like which bone you violated the rule.
  • Also, enter thee-challan or the vehicle enrollment number and also corroborate the captcha.
  • After completing this step make sure to do with entering the card details and use the disbenefit or credit card for the payment process.
  • Make the payment process through the below-signaled process and clear the SMS attesting challan payment.
  • You can also pay through Paytm and make easy payments.
  • After the payment process makes the hardcopy of the payment process also keep it and use for future.
  • The final step is to give it to the police department to make sure the payment.


 The food and Logistics Department is furnishing portion-related services or information to the people of Uttar Pradesh with the help of an online gate. You can see your name in the Uttar Pradesh portion card list through the sanctioned website of the Food and Logistics Department, as well as take advantage of other important services sitting at home.

With the help of the portal, the citizens of the state will be suitable to view the online force chain summary. With the help of which, how important allocation of mines has been done in which month, everyone will be suitable to know about it.

  • Citizens of the state will be suitable to see the report of allotment of food grains online.
  • Thee-challan print will be available online.
  • Will be suitable to apply for fair price shop allotment in pastoral and civic areas.
  • Portion cardholders will be suitable to fill the form for shop selection themselves and can take its printout.
  • Under the Purchase Management System, growers will be suitable to register themselves for purchase online.
  • You’ll be suitable to find the eligibility list for the portion card.
  • You’ll be suitable to get information related to marketing, force.
  • You can apply online for a new portion card.
  • You’ll be suitable to see the list of portion cardholders online.
  • Complaints related to portions can be registered online.
  • The online medium will save precious time for the aspirants and there will be translucency.
  • You can view the storehouse list online and take its printout.
  • For grievance redressal, you’ll be suitable to get information about the officers online with the help of the gate.

What happens if a person fails to pay echallan?

 There will be strict action taken towards the person if they’re against the pay and within the given period of time. They will have to face the court consequently and make legal action.

What be if a person doesn’t pay e-challan UP?

The same action will be taken towards the person and they will have to face a delicate time through legal action. you should pay within a time period.

How important is the fine for drunk driving in UP?

The person has to pay around Rs. 10, 000 for a first offense also Rs. for the posterior offenses. There might be a chance for the person to be locked.

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