Tnreginet Registration Guideline Value, Patta Chitta, EC View

Tnreginet is that the official portal of the province Registration Department through that the authorities offers its voters associate array of services, together with registration of varied documents. The Tnreginet web site is supposed to change the registration method for birth, marriage, death and bill fund. It additionally helps users search encumbrance certificates.

Tnreginate is an online portal that provides easy services to the citizen of Tamil Nadu. Inspector General of Registration of IGRS portal, applicants can get various services provided by the government of Tamil Nadu. This includes certification and registration of birth, death, chit fund, wedding, etc. This is a digital platform created to avail services by Tamil Nadu domicile from wherever at any time.

Here in this article, we have explained the Tnreginet Registration. Also process and complete information related to guide value search know jurisdiction and procedure to apply EC.

Tnreginet Registration

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has launched a digital initiative to offer residents different online services. Encumbrance, marriage, birth, and death certificates are available for services. Inspector General of Registration is the name of this digital software. Tamil Nadu inhabitants may use this website to get a variety of services.

Tnreginet Registration

Tata Consultancy Services Limited developed and supported a comprehensive online site. This initiative is in place to provide persons with online services. It will make it easier for candidates to get many vital government certificates over the internet. Making certificates digital will allow users to access them from anywhere. It will help in the endorsement of a variety of services. It will also boost service transparency and make accessibility easier.

Tnreginet Patta Chitta

In Tnreginet Registration, the Patta is a land record document or proof of land ownership. The TNreginate Patta Chitta is a land record in the Tamil Nadu state. TNreginet Patta Chiita is an electronic document that provides information on a property, like the size of the land and surrounding areas, along with evidence of ownership. The name and address of the land’s owner and date records.

Patta is a government document that includes information on land ownership, land acreage, location, and survey information. It is essential to verify the lease documentation before purchasing a property to acquire it from the legal owner. The seller must have a legal patta for the land; they sell to have a clear property title. After acquiring land, the buyer must transfer the patta to his name at the Taluka office for a clear title.

Chitta gives constant information on land ownership, size, and area. It is a legal revenue document issued by the proper Village Administration Officer (VAO) and Taluka office that contains information about an immovable property. The land falls into two categories: Nanjai (wetland) and Punjai (dry land). The term “Nanjai” describes a particular land or region with water bodies such as canals, rivers, ponds, and so on. In contrast, “Panjai” describes the relation of smaller water bodies with the land.

How do I Register on TNREGINET?

It is essential to register yourself on the TNREGINET portal on-line to avail the offered services. Follow the given steps to undertake the net registration method on TNREGINET.

Step 1: Login to the official website portal

Step 2: you may realize the ‘Registration’ possibility set on the house page. The dropdown list includes 2 choices, i.e. ‘User Registration’ and ‘Marriage Registration’.

Step 3: currently, click on ‘User Registration’. you’ll read the ‘Create your account’ possibility. Fill within the necessary details that embrace your username, user type, password, security question, personal details, etc.

Register on TNREGINET

Step 4: Once done, enter the captcha code. A one-time watchword (OTP) are sent to your provided mobile range and registered email address.

Step 5: Enter the given OTP within the field and click on on ‘Complete Registration’. The registration procedure is complete once you submit the appliance.

Documents needed

Given below area unit the documents needed once applying for Associate in Nursing international organization (Encumbrance Certificate) in Tamil Nadu:

  • Proof of address of the mortal
  • Property and its deed details
  • Property registration-related documents
  • Property sale deed/gift deed/release deed/partition deed
  • The deed range with the date and book range along side the applicant’s signature

How to Apply for Documents on TNREGINET Online?

As a registered user, you’ll apply for documents on-line through the TNREGINET web site. Follow the steps to start your application:

Step 1: Visit the official TNREGINET portal, i.e. military officer of Registration – Madras (, and login to your account mistreatment your credentials.

Step 2: Scroll through the page to seek out the ‘Application Creation’ possibility before clicking on the ‘Create the document’ possibility.

Step 3: Fill altogether the relevant details and submit the specified documents, if any.

Step 4: Review the entered info before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button. Step 5: Finally, save the ready document and print it out for future reference.

List of Services obtainable at Tnreginet

  • Encumbrance certificate on-line application
  • Marriage certificate application on-line application
  • Online certified document
  • The letter documents on-line application
  • Society document on-line application
  • Check on-line Europe standing
  • The Registration method of wedding, birth, death, firm, chit fund.

Tnreginet Registration Procedure

  • Here area unit the steps you’d wish to follow to register yourself on the portal:
  • Open the official internet portal of Tnreginet
  • From home page head to the registration possibility and drop-down list can seem on the screen.
  • Click on “User Registration” possibility and a replacement page seems from wherever you’ve to scan the note and secret hint
  • Now you’ve to choose User kind, user name, password, security question, email, date of birth, gender, mobile variety, choose variety of ID proof, enter the quantity of ID Proof and Address
  • Enter the code seems on the screen and OTP you received via Email or Mobile variety
  • Click “Complete Registration” option to submit the appliance kind.

Tnreginate Encumbrance Certificate Application

The applicant wants to apply for an encumbrance certificate then needs to get it from the procedure below. To get a certification of encumbrance following the instruction:-

  • Open official web portal of Tnreginate
  • Login to page
  • On homepage the applicant will find an option for apply online
  • This option is available under encumbrance certificate
Tnreginate Encumbrance Certificate
  • application form will show on screen
  • Fill all the information correctly which is asked and uploaded the desired document
  • Preview the application and cross check all the details before final submit
  • Submit the application form and download it for future context

Search Encumbrance Certificate

In order to get an encumbrance certificate online applicants need to follow the given below instructions To search Encumbrance Certificate method is mentioned below :-

Visit the official website or tamil nadu reginet, There is the option of search EC under encumbrance certificate form will open on screen. Enter all the details such as zone district EC start date etc.

Search Encumbrance Certificate
Search Encumbrance Certificate

After providing all the details click on the search button Encumbrance certificate will be shown on computer screen This will also show status and update related to encumbrance certificate

Procedure to go looking document writer

  • Open the official net portal of Tnreginet
  • From home page attend the a lot of possibility offered within the menu bar
  • Select “search” from the drop-down list and any choose “document writer” possibility
document writer
document writer
  • Select zone, district, sub-registrar workplace, name and code
  • Click search possibility and data can shows
  • Procedure to go looking Society
  • Open the official net portal of Tnreginet
  • From home page attend the a lot of possibility offered in menu bar
  • Select “search” from the drop-down list and any choose “society” possibility

How to Check Document Status on TNREGINET?

The TNREGINET portal enables you to test the status of application of your documents. Follow the given points to conduct your check:

Step 1: Visit the official TNREGINET portal, i.e. officer of Registration – province (, and login to your account using your credentials.

Step 2: Browse the ‘Know Your Application Status’ option listed on the house page. Click on ‘My Documents’ listed under this selection.

Step 3: Fill in your details on the following page, including your identification number, pending number, and temporary deed number.

Step 4: Once done, click on ‘Search’ to look at the status of your document.

 What is the Fees Applicable for TNREGINET EC?

The application fee to get the state Encumbrance Certificate is ₹ 1. An information fee of  ₹ 15 is charged and you’ll need to pay a fee of ₹ 5 for each additional year.

The fee for an internet computerized Encumbrance Certificate regarding records made after 1987 is  ₹ 100.

What is the interval to Avail province EC Online?

If a private applies for an EC face to face at a sub-registrar’s office, the certificate are processed within 15 to 30 days. However, for online applications, the interval would be less. Online applications for Madras Encumbrance Certificate on the TNREGINET portal usually take two to a few working days to be processed. The EC will offer you the right picture of the ownership also because the financial liability attached to the property as available within the records of the registrar’s office. Therefore, property buyers must undertake field inquiries about the property and take the correct decision for the longer term. When it involves buying a home, many first-time buyers go for house loans for financial assistance. Hence, one must have an honest sense of the loan requirements and compare loan offers from multiple lenders.

Tnreginet guideline value Search

Tnreginet guideline value is that the minimum price at which land and property are often registered Tamil Nadu .

For the uninitiated, state governments are liable for assigning a price to all or any the land and property under their jurisdiction. They assign a minimum rate to each land and property below which it cannot move . This minimum transaction rate is understood by various names in various states of India – circle rate, minimum value rate, reckoner rate, guideline value or guidance value, collector rates, etc. the essential minimum value in TN is understood as Tnreginet guideline value.

Tnreginet guideline value Search
Tnreginet guideline value Search

As is true altogether states, the Tnreginet guideline value is revised from time to time to bring the rule value of the property closer to the market rates.

Tnreginet guideline value is predicated on the sales details of property in each category as recorded within the past two years and on-field inspections.

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How many public administrator offices are there in Tamil Nadu?

There are 573 approx public administrator offices in Tamil Nadu .

When was the rule value last revised in Tamil Nadu?

The guidelines value in Tamil Nadu was last revised in 2018. Plans are afoot to revise them again, and a choice is predicted in 2022.

How many days does it deem issuing documents for the transfer of the name of the landowner in Tamil Nadu?

It takes 14 to 15 days to issue documents for the transfer of the name of the landowner .

How am i able to enquire about guideline value in Tamil Nadu?

These are the numbers you’ll use to inquire about guidance value in Tamil Nadu: 044-24640160; 044-24642774. You can  write an email to

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